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Réseaux Sociaux

Social Networks

Social networking is all about communicating, creating links and building loyalty ! It is a very important medium to have theses days to create a more "personal" link with your audience.

To clearly distinguish the two trades : 

  • Social Media Manager : considers the company's overall digital strategy & the actions to be taken. He advises and assists companies in developing their strategy to boost growth.

  • Community Manager : publishes content created in line with the digital strategy decided upstream. He carries out what he is told to do through his publications.


Instagram Audit

Audit Instagram

The audit allows us to take stock of your Instagram account and understand your strengths & areas for improvement. A strategy will then be proposed based on your various objectives.


The different points that will be analyzed :


  • Analysis of must-haves : profile photo, names, biography, front-page story 

  • Analysis of content, visual identity, hashtags, captions

  • Analysis of the community, to see if matches the target & sort it out (if necessary)

  • Engagement routine to find prospects and convert them into customers 


Once the various points have been analyzed, you will be given an action plan with strategies (hashtags, captions, etc.), content and feed proposals.


DURATION : 1H - 1H30 visioconference, audit feedback & opportunity to ask questions


Instagram Coaching

Coaching is an accompanied audit. This offer adapts to your needs and accompanies you to help you gain the autonomy you need to achieve your goals. 

This is not a training course, but real coaching. You will be accompanied for 2 months, during which time we will gradually implement the various strategies we have discussed together.


Coaching requires personal dedication and commitment !


Here is how it works :


  • Your must-haves : profile photos, names, biography, story highlights, CTA

  • Your target : avatar, audience, goals, engagement routine

  • Your graphic charter : visual identity, typography, colors, images, graphic elements, moodboard

  • Your content : catchphrases, hashtags, captions 

  • Your schedule : content ideas, frequency, feed preparation

  • Your assessment : exchange on progress & any questions you may have



THE + : follow-up via WhatsApp even after the 2 months of coaching for another 1 month for assistance if needed


DURATION : visio every week for about 1h-1h30 for 2 months 

Coaching Instagram




Having a LinkedIn profile is essential to increase your visibility & credibility. We can compare it to your online CV. It is important to get it right & complete.


A LinkedIn profil lets you showcase your experience & skills, provide a detailed business card and increase your online presence.


This offer also includes the creation of a company page to list your company on LinkedIn. This allows you to appear on THE professional social network by excellence & increase your visibility.


THE + : creation of 2 banners, one for your profile & one for your company page


DURATION : 1 - 2 weeks / one discovery visio & one restitution visio

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