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Léa Moussiegt

Marketing Expert & Social Media Manager




PACA region


About me

I was lucky to grow up as an expatriate abroad : in Dubaï 🇦🇪 & in Grèce 🇬🇷 & to travel through a multitude of countries : Lebanon 🇱🇧 Sweden 🇸🇪 Singapore 🇸🇬 … 


Theses years have given me : maturity, open-mindedness & humility !

I love learning about different subjects, people and backgrounds ...


My career path is atypical & versatile, which is my strength !


I have several diplomas in different sectors :

🔹 the Beauty & Wellness sector

🔹the Marketing & Entrepreneurship sector


After several years as a salaried employee, I wanted to regain my FREEDOM ! My freedom to CREATE, to MOVE, to MANAGE MY TIME ...

I created L'Créa - Solutions Marketing to help Beauty & Wellness professionals develop their projects and increase their visibility !

I no longer have to choose between beauty/wellness sector or the marketing sector. With L'Créa - Solutions Marketing, I can combine both !

Professional Experience

2022 - ...

2019 - 2021

2012 - 2016

L'Créa - Solutions Marketing

I created my own company to help beauty & wellness professionals achieve their goals.

Master Marketing / Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy

I have worked in the marketing and sales departments of companies that manufacture flavors, fragrances and natural / synthetic ingredients.

CAP - BAC - BTS Esthetics / Cosmetics - Perfumery

I have worked as a brand ambassador for Hermès, YSL, Lancôme, Bars, Bareminerals in various Sephora stores.

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