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Identité Visuelle

Visual Identity

Visual identity is the key to recognizable, visible & noticeable branding ! It is the essential element for your company. It helps you stand out from the competition.

  • What is branding ? It is about building customer loyalty through a carefully crafted brand image that's easy recognizable, stands out from the competition & is unforgettable. Branding includes your company's visual identity, communication & values.



Graphic Charter

It is the essential for every company ! It is the image you project to the public. It's very important that this image corresponds to your values, your missions & your products or services.


A document will be sent to you with all the key elements : colors, typography, images, inspirations, moodboard, brandboard ... 


DURATION : 1 month - 3 visios (discovery, validation, assessment) 



Logo design includes the creation of a brand board that includes the essentials of the graphic charter : colors, typography, images, inspirations & logo variations.


The logo will be delivered in pdf and png format with brandboard so that you can reuse the same graphic charter for all your other media.


DURATION : 1 month - 3 visios (discovery, validation, assessment) 

Supports de Communication


Communication Supports

All communication media are available in paper and digital formats : business cards, brochures, flyers, loyalty cards, invitations cards, thank-you cards ...


Recommendations : you should already have a well-defined & high-quality (high resolution) graphic charter and logo.


DURATION : depends on substrate

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