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I had the great opportunity to be selected by Médias France to present my company L'Créa - Solutions Marketing in an article on Forbes Magazine's website, in the category "Les Adresses Incontournables".

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The story of Léa Moussiegt, founder of L'Créa - Marketing Solutions

Growing up in Dubai, then Greece, Léa Moussiegt's open-mindedness combined with her adaptability and perseverance. Completely bilingual, she returned to France at the age of fifteen and entered a high school with an American section. She then went on to specialize in aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery up to the BTS level, followed by a Bachelor's degree with a luxury option, a Master's 1 in marketing and sales strategy with an entrepreneurship option, and a Master's 2 in sales strategy and business development. This career path gave her all the credentials she needed to set up her own consulting and marketing strategy business for beauty and wellness professionals. While these professionals have the skills inherent to their trade, they don't necessarily have the strategic digital vision that would enable their business to be more visible and flourish in a competitive environment. And yet, a strong, powerful visual identity, combined with good content, is a clear way to stand out from the crowd. L'Créa - Solutions Marketing is committed to deploying a coherent combination of visual and written content, tailored to the specific needs and desires of each customer.

A clear identity and effective communication

L'Créa - Solutions Marketing's biggest mission is to give visibility to the brands and entrepreneurs who approach her. Some contact Léa Moussiegt even before launching their business, and they are well advised. Thanks to an upstream intervention, L'Créa - Solutions Marketing will be able to design a relevant, harmonious and unified strategy for all the brand's communication media. Léa Moussiegt works on the image in line with the entrepreneur's needs, tastes and personality, before putting together all the company's communication networks: logo and graphic charter, website creation, opening up social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. But everyone can decide to take charge of some of these elements and choose à la carte services. This is particularly the case when entrepreneurs have already made progress on certain aspects and their showcase site and/or social networks already exist, for example. In this case, L'Créa - Solutions Marketing carries out an audit of visual and written content in order to work out an action plan with the customer to stand out from the crowd, gain visibility and offer more regular, high-impact content.

Real support

In addition to her creativity, which enables her to give a strong identity to each customer and her company, Léa Moussiegt offers a wealth of advice, such as the best times to post, the ideal recurrence of publications according to the target clientele, hashtags and keywords not to be overlooked, etc. She listens attentively to her customers, who sometimes lack the confidence to dare to shine and put all the chances on their side to develop their business. She listens attentively to her customers, who sometimes lack the self-confidence to dare to shine and put all the chances on their side to develop their business. As mentioned above, everyone has their own profession. You can be an excellent therapist or a fairy-fingered beautician, but learning how to sell yourself, work on your image and digitalize your business is not innate. That's why L'Créa - Solutions Marketing offers a genuine space for healthy reflection on how to improve communication. But it's also essential that customers feel comfortable with this communication and fully identify with the elements and content developed. That's why L'Créa - Solutions Marketing undertakes an audit and provides coaching so that every entrepreneur can appropriate his or her own communication language and participate fully in activating the various levers that will generate success and financial freedom.

It's in this spirit of transmission and teaching that Léa Moussiegt offers her advice on social network communication via the Hyper Lucky Family platform.

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